No one knows ME like Me!

Hi everyoGrey Cup Picne! My name is Kaylyn Wallen. I am a small town girl, temporarily residing in the city. I am currently completing the last year of my Bachelor of Education with a major in mathematics and a minor in general science at the University of Regina.

Me and ColluseumI am from the small town of Margo, Saskatchewan. Margo has such a small population that the school closed when I was in preschool. This led to me attending Invermay School for my K-12 education. I was super active during school taking both dance and piano lessons, playing almost every sport possible and being involved with the SRC, SADD and Red Cross groups at school. When I was in grades 10 and 12, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe with a group of students from my school. This gave me a travel bug that I can’t get rid of to this day! I love going to new places and experiencing the different cultures and people! I hope one day I will be able to create an experience like the ones that I had for my own students.

I always enjoyed helping and tutoring my fellow classmates in school but it wasn’t until I began teaching swimming lessons that I realized this was the career for me. As I have worked my way through the education program at the U of R I have realized the importance of technology in the classroom. As a high school student I did not experience technology in my classroom (or very minimum) so when I first began university I was skeptical. Now, as I take my second technology class, I can see the benefits for today’s classroom. Technology can be used to engage students and help them foster a love for learning. On the flip side, we as teachers need to teach our students to be educated about the technology they use and how they use it to become good digital citizens, just like we teach them how to be good citizens in person!


One thought on “No one knows ME like Me!

  1. katiahildebrandt says:

    Hey Kaylyn – good start to your blog. Now work on adding links, images, and videos to your posts, and be sure to get started on your learning project. And remember that you should be blogging regularly for this class!

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