Circulatory System


Explain the functioning of the human circulation system.


2.1: Describe the functions of the heart, lungs, kidneys, and liver in the circulation system.

2.2: Describe the ABO and Rh typing systems for human blood.

2.3: Consider the role of the blood in the immune system and the effect of the human immunodeficiency virus on the T4 cells of the blood.

2.5: Discuss respiration by relating the activity to the physical structure like the lungs and blood and the cells fed by the blood.

The Circulatory System Powerpoint

Blood Typing Lab


Bohr Diagrams and the Periodic Table

Outcome AE9.3:

Demonstrate an understanding of the classification of pure substances (elements and compounds), including the development and nature of the Periodic Table.


c. Construct a graphic representation of one or more elements that symbolizes each element in a meaningful way and contains relevant information such as name, atomic number, possible uses, and historical background.

h. Construct Bohr model representations of the first 18 elements.

l. Determine the number of protons and electrons in an atom given the atomic number of an element.

Lesson Plan

Activity Sheets:

Element Bingo Cards

Periodic Table Crossword Periodic

Table Crossword Answer Key


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