Teaching Philosophy

As a pre-service teacher my philosophy of teaching is constantly changing. This is my teaching philosophy so far.

I am very passionate about teaching. I believe that I can make a difference in students lives and help them to find who they are and what they are passionate about. I think that students have a ton of pressure put on them in today’s society and I hope that by being in my class they will be able to overcome this pressure. I hope that my students will see my love of learning and will then be inspired to love learning as well. I hope that my students will find my classroom to be a safe learning environment where they will be able to try new things and make mistakes.

I believe that my classes should be engaging and relevant for my students. I want them to be excited about what we are learning and be able to take what we are learning and apply it to the world around them. By doing this I believe that students will enjoy the classes much more and become more excited about learning. You can see this in one of the lessons that I taught in my pre-internship.

I also believe that you should adapt your teaching to fit the needs of your students which can be seen through this lesson. All students are different and learn in different ways. As a teacher, you need to take the time to get to know your students and take that knowledge to create lessons that fit their needs. This will enable your students to get the most out of your lessons and reach their highest potential.

Finally, I want to teach students, not a subject. I realize that my students all have their own beliefs and experiences. I want my students to be able to bring those experiences to my class so that we can all learn from each other. Teaching and school are not just about the content. There is much more taught in schools than the mandated curriculum. I hope that my students will learn to be good citizens through my classes.


Introduction Letter


Dear Cooperating Teacher,

Hello! My name is Kaylyn Wallen, and I will be your new intern for the upcoming fall semester. I grew up in the small town of Margo, Saskatchewan and attended Invermay School from Kindergarten to Grade 12. I am currently completing the third year of my B.Ed. degree as a mathematics major and general science minor.

While I was in high school I was yearbook editor, a member of the volleyball team, and the treasurer of the student representative council along with being involved in several other groups. These experiences helped me gain valuable skills and led me to a career in teaching. During my internship I am interested in helping with these as well as a variety of other extra curricula activities. I feel I could contribute to and learn from experience with these groups and sports but am also open to working with others as well.

I have been a lifeguard, swimming instructor and assistant coach for the Special Olympics soccer and swimming teams. Through these experiences I have gained leadership, communication, organization, and planning skills that will be demonstrated both inside and outside of the classroom. I feel I will bring an enthusiastic, hard-working attitude into the school. I hope to engage the students in lessons and have them be excited and eager to learn.

I am very eager to begin my internship at your school! I hope to learn new classroom management skills, assessment tools and ways to differentiate lessons for students. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to intern with you this fall. I am excited to work and learn with you and the other staff members at your school. I will be in contact with you before the end of the school year to arrange to visit both you and the school. If you have any questions or need to contact me, feel free! I am excited for this experience, and I’m sure it will be valuable for both of us!


Kaylyn Wallen