Math 9

IMG_0406 IMG_0408

These two pieces of student work show students meeting the outcome. Both students are showing that they can correctly solve a level 1 linear equation symbolically. They are each showing the steps needed while doing the correct calculations to achieve the expected result.

IMG_0409 IMG_0407

These two pieces of evidence show students who are struggling with meeting the outcome of solving level 1 linear equations. One student it completing the correct steps to solve the equation but it doing the calculations wrong, while the other student is struggling with which operation needs to be used to solve the equation. These students need more practice and/or instruction on this topic so they can reach the outcome.


Science 9

IMG_0399 IMG_0403 IMG_0404These examples show that the students clearly understand what protons, neutrons and electrons are and how to calculate the number of each when given the proper information.This shows me that the students are meeting the outcome and will be able to move on to further topics.

IMG_0401 IMG_0405 IMG_0402

These examples show that the students are not fully understanding what protons, neutrons and electrons are. They are confusing the different particles and the different charges as well as how you calculate the number of them. This shows me that we need to review the different particles and clarify what they are and how you calculate the number of them in each atom.