Letter of Introduction

To Whom It May Concern:,

Hello! My name is Kaylyn Wallen. I grew up in the small town of Margo, Saskatchewan and attended Invermay School from Kindergarten to Grade 12. I am currently completing the fourth and final year of my B.Ed. degree as a mathematics major and general science minor.

While I was in high school I was yearbook editor, a member of the volleyball team, and the treasurer of the student representative council along with being involved in several other groups. These experiences helped me gain valuable skills and contributed to my decision to enter a career in teaching. I also tutored several of my peers and worked as a Cross-Age Tutor, which involved going to young grades and helping in their classrooms. During my internship was able to gain experience working with the Student Leadership Council, coaching senior girls volleyball and being active in the community.

I have been a lifeguard, swimming instructor and assistant coach for the Special Olympics soccer and swimming teams. Through these experiences I have gained leadership, communication, organization, and planning skills that will be demonstrated both inside and outside of the classroom. I will bring an enthusiastic, hard-working attitude into the school. By creating a welcoming classroom environment I will engage students in lessons and have them be excited and eager to learn.

In addition to this, I have been involved is several workshops that have helped me to grow as a professional. I volunteered at the Math Camp at the university where I was able to work with grade 3 & 4 students. I helped them navigate the university and helped them with their math activities. I have also attended workshops on helping students deal with grief, Treaty education, and Technology in teaching and learning. These workshops have helped me to continue to learn about the teaching profession and new ways to teach students. I continue to grow my professional learning network through by collaborating with other educators both through twitter and in person.

I am excited to begin my life-long journey in the teaching profession!


Kaylyn Wallen



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